Sound of the Future is a not for profit music and literacy program aimed at young people between the ages of 8-26 years.

Throughout the program students will improve cognitive skills such as literacy and numeracy, as well as learn non-cognitive skills that will build their capacity to combat the challenges associated with student achievement, cultivate post secondary aspirations, and provide them with life skills that will prepare them for their transition to adulthood. The Sound of the Future vision is for all young people to have equal resources, programs, and opportunities to become strong leaders and significant contributors to society.

The Sound of the Future program is split into two sections, Music and Literacy:


The music program will introduce students to the fundamentals of music production to help them create their own instrumental compositions. No previous experience is required. The program will focus on basic music theory, drum programming, looping, sample selection and “chopping”, arranging, song structure, composition and recording instruments and voice. We are proud to be working alongside Ableton Live who have developed a software program which not only can be used for writing and arranging but also as an expressive instrument for live performance. STF with the support of Ableton are able to provide each workshop with Ableton Push Controllers, laptops, headphones and all other necessary equipment needed to run a fun, vibrant and hands on workshop. The program focuses on working alongside the school’s curriculum, using the topics and areas the young people are learning about as stimulus and inspiration for the music.


The Literacy portion of the program will focus on lyric writing in contemporary music, with a particular emphasis on the poetic form of rap. This genre places a high value on verbal dexterity, linguistic innovation and confidence of delivery. It is an effective way to engage young people with language and improve communication skills, as well as being a very entertaining and engrossing activity that requires no special equipment beyond writing tools and a message to deliver. No prior experience is required. The program will introduce the basic forms of rap lyric writing and delivery, and all attendees will write and perform their own rap from the very first moments, leading up to creating whole verses and collaborative pieces – both with other rhyme-writing learners, and with the beat-making group. Throughout the program, the attendees will be encouraged to use content from subjects in their current curriculum as inspiration and topics for rap writing – further increasing engagement with their wider education program as a result.

The Sound of the Future music and literacy program is used not only to foster young people’s creativity and expression, but also as a culturally responsive, common-core aligned educational modality which teaches Math, English and Science in an engaging and relevant form to students in a hands-on way.