Sound of the Future was formed by Davey Norris and Christos Athanasiadis in 2015.

STF has served young people and the community of Melbourne, pioneering new and innovative solutions to end destructive cycles of poverty, health disparities, and lack of opportunity in our community.

Thanks to creative leadership and ground-breaking programs designed in direct response to community needs, STF has transformed into a premier young people development organization.

We provide integrated services for young people that ensure their long-term academic, professional, social, and emotional success.

STF provides programs to over 500 young people at-risk each year, with the focus primarily being on the most disadvantaged.

Our comprehensive, community responsive, culturally relevant and intensive array of young people development programming builds skills in four key areas:

Education, Music Composition, Literacy and Arts & Culture.

Sound of the Future’s program model provides young people with multiple, closely aligned roads to a successful future as an artist, with the acknowledgment that not every young person in our target population has prior experience.

It promotes long-term engagement from age 8-26 and positive relationships with adults, providing young people with a vast network of support they need to grow confident, competent, resilient, and self-sustaining.