To whom it may concern

I’m writing to offer myself as referee and to recommend the services of Sound of the Future.

In my role as owner and manager of Liveschool, Sound Of The Future partner Davey Norris has been an integral part of my training team over the 8 years he has worked with us. I can attest to his skills as a producer, educator, performer and mentor and also to his commitment to inspiring and furthering the lives of young people through music education.

In my role as Brand Manager for Ableton in Australia, I also have the pleasure of being able to support Dave’s new endeavour with Christos Athanasiadis, Sound Of The Future.

At Ableton, we recognise that children and teenagers need more education programs that empower them to make the music they love. The cost of technology is prohibitive for many – but that’s something the Ableton community have been able to help out with.

Thousands of Ableton Push users have traded their Push 1 units in return for a discount on the new one, and the returned units are being refurbished and donated to education projects for young people. After an extensive application process to participate in this initiative, Sound Of The Future have been identified by Ableton as having the capacity and drive to make an impact on the lives of disadvantaged and at-risk youth through their education program. With great confidence, I look forward to seeing the outcomes of their work in the times ahead.

Adam Maggs

Liveschool owner / manager

Ableton Brand Manager, Australia

+61 2 8065 6913


To whom it may concern,

I am a Melbourne Academy VCAL Educator working under Melbourne City Mission. The cohort of our students have experienced disengagement and disadvantages in life that has greatly impacted on their education. Therefore, many are only now reconnecting and understanding the importance of an education out of mainstream school. We provide an alternative setting and classroom that re-engages students and allows them the opportunity to achieve their VCAL certificates.

I wanted to implement a workshop for Term 2 with music as the core focus because I knew it would engross all of our students. I met Christos (Sound of the Future Director) and I knew that his workshop was just getting started. Christos had spent some time explaining to me his role and what Sound of the Future was about, and that was providing quality musical education to students through his fantastic and professional staff consisting of lyricist educators, vocal instructors and sound producers.

It is clearly evident that the staff at Sound of the Future possess the knowledge and qualification to deliver an outstanding workshop and I highly recommend them to any institution.

Sound of the Future staff are always prepared with resources for the week and for the particular lesson. They have studied the VCAL outcomes and tailored their lessons to meet specific Literacy, Personal Development, Numeracy and Work Related Skills outcomes. Their talents extend beyond just meeting outcomes. I have found every member of Sound of the Future have a natural rapport with students and their supportive and approachable manner is testament to their aim in instilling self-confidence and self-worth in each and every student. Sound of the Future staff are incredibly enthusiastic which becomes contagious and the students respect all staff greatly as artists and as an educators. Sound of the Future have empowered students so quickly in such little time through lessons and positive attitudes.

In closing, I highly recommend Sound of the Future for any lyrical and music production workshops and I dearly look forward to working with them in the future.


Maro Stijepic

Melbourne Academy

80B Harvester Rd,

Sunshine VIC 3020


To Whom It May Concern

It is my great pleasure to offer this reference to support Sound of the Future.

As the Artistic Coordinator of the Festival for Healthy Living (FHL) Program, over the past two years I

have worked with both Christos and Davey in our Melton program, which aims to build the capacity

of the local schools and community to improve mental health and wellbeing through the arts. They

have demonstrated excellent and broad-ranging skills, as facilitators working with the most

vulnerable and disaffected students in our program, at the CaLM Link-Up alternative education

setting. I’m mightily impressed by their approach to working with these often difficult-to- engage

students, building up their sense of self-belief and self-confidence. Furthermore, they are

consistently cheerful and enthusiastic, and all round just really terrific to work with.

I am also aware of the impressive list of youth engagement projects that Sound of the Future has

been involved in, and it is to their credit that they have built up a fantastic resource of exciting

equipment which also helps make their workshops particularly appealing to the young people

involved. I have no hesitation in recommending the company’s ability to conceive, produce and

implement programs which empower young people to reassess their direction and take a more

positive, health-promoting approach, through the development of artistic and technological skills in

highly contemporary, highly engaging art-forms that are relevant and appropriate to the target


RCH Mental Health is proud to be connected with the Melton FHL program and looks forward to the

opportunity to continue the productive partnership with Sound of the Future. I wish them every

success in their endeavours to attract further support and certainly hope to have them involved in

the Melton program for at least the next 2 years.

I would be more than happy to be contacted to provide further information if so desired.

Yours Sincerely

John Lane

Statewide Artistic Coordinator,

Festival for Healthy Living,

RCH Mental Health, 50 Flemington Street, Flemington, VIC 3031

Ph:    (03) 9345 5519       0417 332 132



To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing to offer a testimony to the incredible value, quality and benefit of the work undertaken by Sound of the Future.


I have had the pleasure of partnering with this inspiring organisation in a professional capacity through partnerships in research projects, which I undertake at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, and the University of Melbourne. Among other things, my roles include research fellow for the Music, Mind and Wellbeing Institute, and Post-doctoral research fellow at the National Music Therapy Research Unit. My area of expertise is investigating the wellbeing benefits of school and community-based musical participation. Of the many different organisations and practitioners that I have partnered with, Sound of the Future, deliver some of the most profound benefits for young people in need.


My research has shown the benefits of Sound of the Future programs include engaging students referred by wellbeing staff as otherwise disengaged from school and social participation. This engagement involved participation in structured learning experiences, including attention to learning tasks and active class contribution. Other documented benefits include increased social connection, and positive self-expression for students reported by leadership and wellbeing staff as experiencing social exclusion and isolation.


The factors which were observed to lead to these important benefits included the professional yet personable presentation of the Sound of the Future facilitators. Their ability to build rapport, yet simultaneously maintain professional boundaries necessary in learning contexts, was remarkable. Also playing a significant factor is the deep passion, and vast depth of knowledge, staff have around making music. This passion and knowledge seemed critical in their ability to facilitate genuine engagement from students.


My research (and lived experience) has shown the work this organisation undertakes not only changes the lives of individuals, but also enriches and empowers schools and communities. In a socio-political climate where such programs are more important than ever, yet largely unsupported by government, the work of organisations like Sound of the Future are an invaluable contribution to our society. I highly recommend this organisation to any school or community organisation who is looking to make a difference in the community, and am delighted to contacted to provide more information or a verbal reference via the contact details below.


Yours Sincerely,

Dr Alexander Crooke

Research Fellow, Music Mind and Wellbeing Centre

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, National Music Therapy Research Unit

Project Manager | Lecturer

Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

University of Melbourne

Southbank, VIC, 3006, AUSTRALIA


Mobile: +61 408 677 023



To whom it may concern,


I am the Aboriginal Liaison Officer with Djerriwarrh Health Services. As part of my role I assist with facilitating community programs, initiatives and events to increase the take up of healthy lifestyle choices. I have had the pleasure with working with Dave Norris and his Sound of the Future Team in Melton on both the Djerriwarrh Festival and the community NAIDOC event. Also attended a recording session of a young Aboriginal male youth and saw how effective and professional the team were in the recording process and interacting with the community youth member. I can attest to the teams overall professionalism, their excellent communication ability when interacting and working with local Aboriginal community members including youth, parents and elders. The involvement with Djerriwarrh festival included helping put together the Aboriginal community float, sound system for the float, and coordinating community member’s involvement with the Aboriginal community march during the festival. At the NAIDOC community event, the team set up the sound system, was involved in mentoring and facilitating the involvement of community youth and family members performing at the event. The team is very easy to work with, has excellent interpersonal communication skills, is able to engage with Aboriginal youth and other Aboriginal community members and have demonstrated excellent knowledge and skill sets with multi Media IT, PA and community art and music orientated programs and initiatives which were demonstrated at both community events and recording event I was involved in. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dave Norris and Sound of the Future Team services.


Damien Loizou

Aboriginal Liaison Officer

Djerriwarrh Health Services